Key Features

Easy to setup, easy to use, no license expiry, no annual fees.
PhotoScaler 2.2.0 is compatible with  Windows 7, 8 and 10

Superior Image Quality

Batch resize all your photos quickly without losing image quality or sharpness.

Batch conversion

PhotoScaler can also be used for batch conversion of image files from e.g. CR2 to JPG.

Preserve metadata

Originals are never changed. EXIF data like camera model and date taken are copied.

Multiple File formats

All standard formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, ICO, WMF, GIF, TIF are supported.

Create Thumbnails

PhotoScaler is the perfect tool for creating quality thumbnails in any resolution in no time.

RAW file support

RAW files from most camera vendors are supported: CR2, ERF, DNG, NEF, PEF, RW2.

Embedded in Windows

Resizing is always just one click away in the Windows context menu.

High performance

PhotoScaler utilizes your system resources for high speed batch processing.

Optimize for Web

Whether you want super quality or to optimize for web pages, PhotoScaler is the right choice.

How to use PhotoScaler

PhotoScaler is probably the easiest image bulk resizing tool available. As you can see in the demo video, it integrates perfectly in Windows allowing you to resize your photos everywhere - even on USB drives or network drives - in just one click.

Shortly after clicking, a notification appear that the batch job is completed and you can browse your resized photos immediately.

PhotoScaler is always at hand and you can even choose which target resolutions to be available in the context menu - say you want 1024x768 pixels instead of Full HD or 150% instead of 200%.

You decide if PhotoScaler should keep the aspect ratio or stretch the image to fit the target resoultion entirely.

While most bulk resizing tools on the market use rather simple methods for resizing, PhotoScaler uses advanced resample techniques to preserve image quality and sharpness - and yet the output images are produced much faster than usual.

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The Photo Presentation Experience

Photography is an art. An art you want to share with your friends and family on a big screen like your new 65" 4K television, but also an art which is often ruined by terrible resizing software inside your TV. Software not being capable of handling large files of high resolution to fit the native resolution of your screen. Hence browsing through your photos takes forever and the image quality is noticeable reduced if not completely broken.

With PhotoScaler you can resize all your photos in advance with one click to match the resolution of your TV and preserve the image quality. Your TV does not have to load big image files that must be scaled down to fit the screen as it already matches.

This makes your photo presentation as good an experience as it should be.

TV Resizing Quality
Microsoft Paint Resizing Quality
PhotoScaler Resizing Quality

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Five reasons to use PhotoScaler

Resizing done right

Most resizing techniques including those used in TV software and projectors are simple resizing methods like "Nearest Neighbor" to resample photos, which results in rather poor image quality. PhotoScaler uses state-of-the-art scaling algorithms for resizing preserving image quality and sharpness.

PhotoScaler do not over-compress your photos in order to avoid JPG artefacts like "ringing" and blocking artefacts.

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Utilize your system resources

Why not use the computationel powers of your computer to batch resize all images to fit the resoultion of your favorite monitor?

PhotoScaler uses advanced multi-threading technology to make use of all CPU cores to quickly generate high quality images matching your desired resoultion for all photos in your album. Batch conversion of file format is also fully supported.

Resizing is done up to 20 times faster with PhotoScaler compared to typical TV performance.

Make it fit with PhotoScaler

PhotoScaler supports both upscaling and downscaling, you can resize to a predefined resolution or you can resize by a factor. It's up to you.

You decide if PhotoScaler should keep the aspect ratio or stretch the image to fit the target resoultion entirely. You can even decide if PhotoScaler should change the output format from e.g. BMP to JPG.

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Create thumbnails in no time

PhotoScaler is the perfect tool for batch creation of high quality thumbnails of any predefined size.

Select any folder in Windows, click Scale to (e.g.) 200x200 pixels and you're done. You can continue working on other stuff, while PhotoScaler gets the job done. A notification will appear when the job has been completed. All modern file formats are supported.

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Right here, right now

PhotoScaler integrates perfectly in Windows making resizing commands available in the Explorer context menu. Simply right click any image containing folder and click e.g. "Scale to 4K".

Shortly after clicking, a notification appear that the batch job is done and you can enjoy watching your resized photos immediately.

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