1 Right click any folder and select target resolution

Select a folder
Always at hand
Select any image-containing folder in Windows Explorer and choose your target resolution. That's it! PhotoScaler scans the source folder for image files even on USB devices or network folders. PhotoScaler is always at hand and you can even choose which target resolutions to be available in the context menu - say you want 800x600 pixels instead of Full HD or 150% instead of 200%.

2 That's it - you're done!

While you're working on other things
PhotoScaler automatically starts a system batch job running silently in the background, processing all images found in the source folder, while you can focus on other things. A subfolder named after the target resolution is created inside the source folder and a notification shows in the Windows task bar, when all your images in the batch job have been successfully processed. Originals are left untouched.

See the difference

While most bulk resizing tools on the market use rather simple methods for resizing, PhotoScaler uses advanced resample techniques to preserve image quality and sharpness. Below you can compare the image quality of a typical TV scaling method to Microsoft Paint and PhotoScaler by dragging the zoom window around. Note how other methods are likely to ruin the image quality after resizing images.

TV method

Resized to 15% of original size

Typical scaling quality on a TV
Created using typical TV algorithm
File size 31kb

Notice jagged edges and aliasing artifacts (moiré pattern) even though file size (31kb) is larger than the results Microsoft Paint and PhotoScaler produce.

MS Paint

Resized to 15% of original size

Resized using MS Paint
Created using MS Paint (Windows 10)
File size 24 kb

Clearly a better result than the TV algorithm (Nearest Neighbour), but still with some edge artifacts and some compression noise (blocking artifacts)


Resized to 15% of original size

Resized using PhotoScaler
Created using PhotoScaler
File size 26 kb

PhotoScaler uses advanced anti-aliasing algorithms to avoid edge artifacts, moiré patterns and jagged lines. No annoying compression noise and yet a small file size.

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